Hello, I am your newborn photographer!

Congratulations on the arrival of your upcoming little one.   I am an experienced photographer the one that you want to trust to capture all those precious poses, and details.    I absolutely love photographing these little balls of perfection.   Being a newborn photographer has blessed me in so many ways, and I adore capturing so many families’ precious memories.   I have spent several years perfecting, studying, and educating myself in newborn photography I have attended workshops in Myrtle Beach, Columbia, Raleigh, a 3 day workshop in Atlanta, and several online workshops.  It’s an art that you can never stop learning, growing, inspiring, and creating.   I love a newborns squishy little cheeks, pouty little lips, sweet hair, and all the unique details that make each and every newborn so different.    My style is more simple, I like to keep my newborn sessions natural with a hint of props.  My style of shooting is more monochromatically using several shades on a neutral color, I’m obsessed with grays, tans, creams, and mauves. My favorite images are baby with nothing on but perhaps a simple bonnet, wrap, or headband.  My sessions concentrate on your little baby more than props.  I am excited you are thinking of booking me to capture these special moments, I love being the one that starts your collection of memories for the years to come.  Book your session in advanced as spaces are limited every month.  I want to capture the story of the newest edition to your family, and provide something for you to cherish as your newborn growes into a toddler in the years to come.

Each style of newborn session is completely different from the other.  I offer  traditional studio newborn sessions, Lifestyle newborn sessions, Outdoor newborn sessions, and in 2017 birth photography.  Each session is a different style of custom photography that I offer, and I look forward to discussing your style.

Traditional Studio Newborn  Session


STYLE: I love to compliment the use of my props, blankets and other items that I use in your session with your home decor/color scheme, and I will send you a questionnaire about your stylonce your session is booked.    I am obsessed with beautiful vintage props, fabulous fabrics, furs,  wraps, hand knit hats,  headbands, buckets, crates, and other items to use during your session that all showcase your little one without taking away from them.  All newborn sessions are done in your little one’s birthday suit, but if you have one non-clothing item that you’d like to use during your session please bring it, and we will try to use it in a special way.  Since these sessions can be long, grandmothers, and mother-in-laws can have more patience than fathers’ at the newborn session, but dads are always welcome too.

WHEN:  Newborn sessions are best when done within the first 7-15 days when they are sleepy, squishy, and still curling up  in little squishy balls like they are in the womb.     I never turn down a client because their newborn is past a certain age.  I will always try to work with your little one no matter the age, as I know their tiny window of their newborn stage can still be captured for the years to come even if they are over the preferred 2 weeks.

WHERE:  Newborn sessions at my adorable little studio.  It’s a small brick home that I rent just for my studio.  Relax on the couch, watch tv, or entertain yourself on your electronic device.  Snacks, and beverages are provided.  The room will be dark, warm, and cozy as the white noise machine fills the room with sounds of ocean waves, and heartbeats to keep your little one nice and sleepy.  Some new mommies and daddies even take a little nap themselves.    Newborn sessions are intimate session where we are together for 2-3 hours, by the end of the session you walk away as a new friend.

Siblings & Newborns

Though newborn sessions are geared towards showing off your newborn, sibling shots can be added on to my newborn package for an additional fee, or you can add a family/sibling session to be completed on a different date as an add on to your regular newborn  session.  When arrangements have been made in advance I love to capture a few special moments between your other child, and newest edition.  Sibling sessions can be very complicated when the big sibling is 2 and under.


Lifestyle  Newborn Sessions



Lifestyle sessions are different that the typical posed newborn studio session.  They are sessions that are at your home, and most of the shoot is in the master bedroom and nursery depending on the natural light in your home.  A lifestyle newborn session captures the little moments in the first few weeks between you and your child.  They are images of you rocking your baby to sleep in their nursery, standing in a bright airy window taking in the precious moment of you bonding with your baby,   Lifestyle sessions are less posed than other typical newborn session lifestyle sessions do not include traditional posed studio style newborn shots.  It is a beautiful session that you can enjoy in the comfort of your home.


Outdoor Newborn Sessions

This is an amazing little add on to any newborn session.  It is interned just for the newborn, and we can usually get 2-3 different setups.  Locations are chosen by the photographer. A location might be the beach, downtown, a  flower bed, or as simple as a spot in the back of the studio. They are best when out in nature surrounded by flowers and greenery.  Outdoor newborn sessions can only be done when it’s 75 degrees and warmer for obvious reasons.


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