Before your session Q & A

I can help you with many tips and tricks to get ready before your session with me.   I know that everyone can get nervous on picture day, and you shouldn’t!  Your session will be fun for you, and your children.  Even when you don’t think your children are acting how you want them to during your session you’d be surprised at what we get, I love surprising parents with their gallery with images full of laughs and smiles.  


Q?  What do I wear?

You want to wear something you are comfortable in of course, stay away from a lot of white, it can wash you out.  Darker colors are more flattering to a lot of us.  DO NOT wear florescent colors like pink, green, orange, or yellow.  They do horrible things to you and my camera! Try to pick clothes with some color and fun.  I recommend picking three of four colors and having your family members each have pops of one or more of the selected colors.  See my pinterest page for color ideas.   Check out my Pinterest page here with great color ideas  I want you to pop in your pictures if you are on the beach color will make you pop rather than tan and white, if we are in a field of green any color BESIDES green will make you stand out.  Accessories and layers from scarves to cardigans can be a fun thing to add to your session too.

For maternity sessions I supply the maternity wardrobe.  If you have a dress you are wanting to wear please send me the images so I can make sure it’s perfect for your session.


Q?  Our session is past our “normal” bedtime 

This can be a tricky one I know.  Especially for the late Summer months when the sun doesn’t set until after 8:30.  On picture day try to delay nap time a little bit, this can be a big help during late summer sessions.  Make sure everyone is nice and fed BEFORE picture time.


Q?  Can you photoshop me?

I will edit all the pictures in your gallery for color, exposure, contrast, and with a creative flair.  If your child fell the day before the session I can usually fix the boo boo on a close up image.    However I cannot make anyone thinner, get rid of chins, or make any other modification for your gallery, but if there is an image that you do want photoshopped, and you do want a little digital plastic surgery there is a charge of $15 per file, and the file will be outsourced for photoshopping.


Q?  My gallery is up now what?

Once your gallery is up it will be up for a year, and longer if you use me on the regular basis.  Your gallery will have thumbnails and one large picture on the right.  When you make your choices of your pictures ALWAYS refer to the filename that is located UNDER the large image on the right.  I will email you a link that let’s you download your images straight to your computer, cd, or USB drive.


Q?  What is the turnaround time for my images?

Your Facebook sneak peek will be up within 72 hours many times even the same day as your session.   Your gallery will be ready within 2-3 weeks.












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